All our advice for an experience canoe ideal!

By 5 May 2016News

Le-Soulio-Canoe-slide-2_2Our routes are accessible to every public on the condition of knowing how to swim, to be more than 4 years old and measure 1 m and to be in good physical condition.Leave quite freely and without constraints on our routes, by taking your picnic and take advantage of your day in canoeing. For the 23 km descent, we also propose you
our formule 2 days with campsite first evening, to take advantage at the most of your adventure.For your comfort and the safety and the safety of your pets, the latter cannot accompany you during your descent.


You go to cross conservation areas and protect, respect Flora and fauna (forbidden fires – not to approach areas of nesting – return your garbage at first) Respect the local residents and the other users of the site (Fishermen, Walkers …) Holding advised In summer a pair of shorts and a T.shirt are sufficient. Plan one cuts wind for the front season. The wearing of shoes closed (basket, slippers …) is compulsory (ministerial decree of May 4th, 1995). You can also rent combinations, and buy slippers néoprène. (Inquire in the welcome).
Extra affairs for the arrival.

Advised equipment
Sun protection (hat or cap, T.Shirt, cream).
Glasses (cordon to attach them)
Picnic or snack.
Water (Minimum 1 liter par person).
Bath towel.

We disadvise you to take with you objects of strong values (camcorder – camera). The waterproofness of containers which can not be totally guaranteed.Soulio can not be held responsible for the total or partial destruction, for the loss of objects and personal belongings were transported in containers.

All the team of Soulio looks forward to welcoming you!