Canoe and Kayak rental fees include:

– bus ride to the chosen tour’s starting point
– a water-proof container to keep your belongings dry
– life-vests
– polythene canoe/kayak
– simple or double paddle

Conditions :

– Aged 4 years and over
– Must know how to swim
– Must be able to submerge head under water
– For your comfort and safety and the safety of your pets, they will not accompagny you during your descent
– Remember to call ahead to check availability


Booking recommended

Le 10 km

Low season

Adult 20,00€
Junior * 15,00€
Pitchou ** 10,00€

shuttle schedule :
11.00 am  – 12.00 pm   – 1.00 pm

High season (July – August)

Adult 23,00€
Children / Teenagers* 18,00€
Place of the Middle ** 13,00€

shuttle schedule
to 10.00 am to 12.30 pm every half-hour

Compulsory booking

Le 21 km

Low season

Adult 29,00€
Junior * 22,00€
Pitchou ** 15,00€

shuttle schedule :
9.30 am

High season (July – August)

Adult 32,00€
Junior * 24,00€
Pitchou ** 17,00€

shuttle schedule
9.00 am

Compulsory booking

Le Séjour Evasion

Low season

Adult 38,00€
Junior * 28,00€
Pitchou ** 18,00€

shuttle schedule :

contact us

High season (July – August)

Adult 42,00€
Junior * 32,00€
Pitchou ** 22,00€

shuttle schedule :
contact us

On 2 days
May through September

Price per person excluding accomodation

Compulsory booking

Terroir Box

For 2 persons

75 €

Children under 4 years old will not be accepted.
*Rate for Children / Teenagers between 4 and 16 inclusive years, measuring more than a meter.
**Applicable only for a child between 4 and 9 inclusive years more than a meter, between 2 people in a canoe.



Compulsory booking

Ciel et Eau

For 1 person

100 €

(Thursday and Sunday in July / Thursday, Saturday and Sunday in August)

Compulsory booking

Authentik Box

For 1 person

Adult 27,00€
Junior * 19,50€
Pitchou ** 14,50€

Compulsory booking

Droma Box

For 1 person

45 €

(Thursday in July and August)

Compulsory booking

Aqua Box

For 2 persons


We reserve the right to change the composition of canoe (which may result in an additional cost).
Group rates from 10 adults and only one payment


Le Soulio offers reductions

on presentation:
• of a ‘Large Family Discount’ card (offer code for online booking: FAMILY)
• of a student card (offer code for online booking: STUDENT)
• of your identity document, if you are celebrating your 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th or even your 90th birthday (offer code for online booking: DIZAINE/DECADE)
You will be asked to provide proof of your eligibility for the reduced rate at the reception centre, before embarking.

if you pay online
Online booking = the best deal
(You can also book by telephone on: +33 4 66 48 81 56 or go directly at our reception centre)
Booking online up to 48 hours before your planned trip entitles you to priority reception on your arrival at the base.


Run times are approximate only and may vary depending on the participants and/or the level of the river.
* Internet rate subject to conditions = booking made 48 hours in advance with secure online payment
** Other reductions do not apply to child rates.

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